A Start-Up's To Do List

My first To Do List

I'm learning that all those clichés about entrepreneurship are true. The small business owner does everything and is everyone. Design Logica has only been up and running for eight days, and I'm already managing a heavy To Do list. What has been the most surprising thing so far? The amount of time it takes to set up a business 'infrastructure'. Sure, Wix, G Suite, and People's Bank have made it a lot easier than it would have been twenty years ago. Then again, twenty years ago there was no expectation that a brand new business would have a functioning website, a social media presence, and instant communication capabilities right out the gate. I thought I would be spending 80% of my time on design and 20% on the rest. I'm sure I'll get there eventually, but for now I'm learning a whole new side of entrepreneurship that I didn't expect. And that's a good thing.

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