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Buyer Beware: How to Avoid Falling Down the Rabbit Hole of Get-Rich-on-Social-Media Advice

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Addictive YouTube videos are a threat to your time and dangerous to your brand.

We’ve all seen them. YouTube videos about how to make thousands each month from social media. They’re addictive. The most successful YouTubers rarely tell you that you’ll get rich without a lot of hard work. But they make it sound far easier than it is. They typically give you a bunch of tips — what to do, what not to do, the mistakes they’ve made, and the triumphs they’ve had. And soon you’re sucked into the rabbit hole — watching more and more. The best of the best make you feel like you know them. Watch a few of their vlogs and it feels like they’re your best friends. And if they got rich, made a decent living, or even generated a solid passive income stream, then so can you. Their tips usually include lots of helpful links “down below”. What they don’t always make obvious is that those links generate revenue for them. And that the content you’re buying may or may not have anything to do with your needs. Caveat emptor — let the buyer beware — never held truer.

This article was first published in Illumination on Medium. You may read the full article here.

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