Design Tip: Use Color as a Springboard

Color inspiration can be found anywhere

Do you find yourself hesitant to make changes to the rooms you live and work in because you don't even know where to begin? Here's a tip - use color as your springboard. Color, really? Yes, color. When I ask my clients about what kind of room they want, they say things like "beachy" or "spa-like" or "warm and cozy". What they're describing is a look or a feel that starts with color. Color influences mood which influences how a person feels in a space. But how do you find the right one? From all around! Nature is a great place to start. Take pictures of stuff that catches your eye. Notice what you like about the scene. I'll bet a lot of your feelings are generated by the colors you're seeing. These colors might move you so much that you want to use them in your room as paint colors for your walls, fabric colors for your furniture, or textile colors for rugs. I personally like to use the Pantone Studio app which builds color palettes from the photos on my phone. I used it today when I noticed some dramatic shadows cast across fresh snow in my back yard. I snapped this photo and the app sensed the "wintery" palette. It could easily translate into a color scheme for a room that feels serene and calm. Perfect for a bedroom, a bathroom, or a reading nook.

I hope you found this tip helpful and that it gives you a springboard to start that design project you've been putting off. Please share your favorite colors and design inspirations in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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