Top 5 Tips for Setting Up a Remote Learning Space for Kids

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With remote learning likely to continue for the remainder of the school year, here’s how to set up a remote learning space that will promote mental and physical well-being.

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During the COVID pandemic, the most common question I’m asked is – how do I set up a remote learning space for kids? While some are thriving, many more kids are struggling with schooling from home. They’re having a hard time concentrating, the lessons aren’t sticking, and anxiety and depression are reportedly on the rise. Caregivers are struggling with the same problems. Here are my top recommendations for setting up a learning space that promotes mental and physical well-being. These tips will help kids and adults alike work through what are hopefully the last few months of the pandemic.

Tip #1: Think About Function

Tip #2: Adequate and Proper Lighting

Tip #3: Supportive Seating

Tip #4: Color Psychology

Tip #5: An Organizing System

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Tip #6: Bonus Tip!

Engage your kids to create all sorts of containers using household items and they’ll even have fun while doing it. The key to creating a functional remote learning space is to engage the very people who will use it all the time. The pandemic as been horribly difficult on everyone but especially our children. Psychologists will probably be studying the after-effects for years. To get through what look to be the last few months, something can be done now to help kids. Include them in creative decision-making. Help them find a good lamp or a supportive chair. Let them choose paint colors or create artwork for their walls. Try to avoid adding more tech gadgets because these can lead to over-stimulation. Trust your kids and encourage their creativity and you’re bound to create a learning space that will not only get you through these long months but will enable your children to flourish.

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