This is a Revit generic wall-based family of custom artwork by Alesia Kozik. There are three types defined - a whole mandala, a quarter of the mandala, and an abstract of the mandala.



  • 31 1/2" SQ 2 1/4" D


Revit Family Details

  • Version: Revit 2021
  • Family type: Generic Model Wall Based
  • Units: Imperial


Zip file contents:

  1. Artwork Mandala rfa
  2. Mandala Abstract and bump map jpg
  3. Mandala Quarter and bump map jpg
  4. Mandala Whole and bump map jpg


Textures:  Autodesk 2021 Appearance Library.


Paper (White)



Rendered in Enscape 3.0.1 for illustrative purposes only.  Note that the download includes the artwork only. The entourage is not included. It is shown for illustrative purposes only.


Artwork is by Alesia Kozik.


Artwork Custom Mandala

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