This is a custom parametric Revit Furniture Family with an integrated Lighting Fixture Family.  The lighting fixture is modeled as an LED strip that flexes with the width of the shelves.



  • 7'-0" W x 2'-3" D x 7'=11' H
  • width, depth, and height are parameters


Revit Family Details

  • Version: Revit 2021
  • Family type: Furniture
  • Units: Imperial
  • Parametrics:  number of shelves flexes with the overall height and the lighting fixtures visibility can be turned on or off
  • Zip file contains four families:
  1. The Display with Shelves
  2. Shelf (with lighting fixture)
  3. LED Strip
  4. LED Single
  • Rendered in Enscape 2.9.0 for illustrative purposes only. 



LED Single

Initial Intensity: 160 lm

Initial color: 3500 K


Textures:  Autodesk 2021 generic materials from Appearance Library.


Default Light Source



Retail Display with Shelves

  • All Extended Uses