This is a custom parametric Revit Furniture Family with an integrated Lighting Fixture Family.  The lighting fixture is modeled as an LED strip that flexes with the width of the shelves.



  • 3'-0" W x 2'-6" D x 3' H
  • width, depth, and height are parameters


Revit Family Details

  • Version: Revit 2021
  • Family type: Furniture
  • Units: Imperial


Zip file contents:

  1. The Glass  Display Counter
  2. Top Glass Shelf (with lighting fixture) - embedded 
  3. Glass Shelf (with lighting fixture) - embedded
  4. LED Strip - embedded
  5. LED Single - embedded



LED Single

Initial Intensity: 160 lm

Initial color: 3500 K


Textures:  Autodesk 2021 generic materials from Appearance Library.

Clear Glass


Default Light Source

Flooring Vinyl Dots Gray

Green Polished Stone



Rendered in Enscape 2.9.0 for illustrative purposes only. 


Retail Glass Front Display Counter

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